Antivirus 2009

I call AntivirusPro2009 new because it was just discovered in November. The computer community believes it has been seen as another program, Antispyware XP 2009. These programs are part of the Innovagest 2000 group of rogue antispyware written by Ukrainian hackers. This group makes many rogue antispyware programs that are designed to compromise your computer and steal your money.

In order for AntivirusPro2009 to get on your computer the Vundo Trojan must first infect you. There are a number of ways for Vundo to get onto your computer. You could have visited a corrupt porn website. You could have opened a spam email and clicked on the file attached. Vundo could have gotten on your computer from a music or video file you were downloading using a file-sharing program. You might have accepted a corrupt video or ActiveX codec. Any of these could infect your computer with the Vundo Trojan.

Once on your computer, Vundo will mimic Windows security alerts claiming your computer is infected or under attack. You will get pop-ups that tell you that you are infected and that only the product advertised will save you. If you click on the pop-ups a fake scan will take place. The scan tells you that you have a variety of infections, and then pressures you to purchase the full version of AntivirusPro2009.

If you fall for the scare tactics and purchase the full version for $49.95, your computer will be even more infected. You will get porn pop-ups that your pop-up blocker cannot stop whether you are online or offline. AntivirusPro2009 has the capability to install more malware onto your computer. AntivirusPro2009 will corrupt or delete DLL files, registry keys and Windows files causing the feared “Blue Screen of Death.” If you have to reboot your computer for any reason you will find that it takes a long time and may freeze at the Windows screen. Also, your computer’s speed will have slowed to a crawl. Search engine results will take you to fake websites.

If you try to remove AntivirusPro2009 through add/remove programs you will find on reboot that AntivirusPro2009 reinstalls itself on reboot. If you try to manually remove AntivirusPro2009 it will take hours and you aren’t guaranteed to remove AntivirusPro2009; if you miss a single file AntivirusPro2009 will reinstall itself on reboot. Not only that, but you run the risk or removing files needed for your computer to function correctly.

So how do you remove AntivirusPro2009? You have to find a dependable, proven effective antispyware program. An antivirus program will do nothing for this kind of infection. Some things to look for are awards. Some examples of awards to look for are CNET’s editor’s pick, WUGNUT’s Hall of Fame, or Tucows Five Cow award. Don’t trust the website of the programs you’re researching as some rogue programs try to claim awards. Go to the website of the company that gives the award.

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