Refreshing ideas and Traffic

in the post this time I want to talk about things outside the content of this blog. and hopefully the only post I write does not violate google's TOS.

Basically I want to remind you that we need to within 1 day in 1 sunday to refreshing way to think you. In computer science, is a refreshing kind of neutralization on the particular activity.

I still remember a word from the singer in soong by Dangdut Music from Indonesia. He said: One day in a week time to relax, and leave the Burden of work, and activities that are certainly very deplete our energy and mind.

Many ways in which to do by every individual. For example: Fishing, relax in the garden, relax in the mountains, relaxing at the beach, in the recreation, or in other places that can make your mind to become peaceful and relax without the activities that drain your energy or mind.
You as a webmaster, if you will spend your time in front of the computer while Online to increase your site traffic?

Note that traffic will come naturally if you have any fresh ideas in writing a quality post. And ideas will come if you have any thoughts of a new, fresh, and have a high value.

Do not be too passionate to do something can result in not good.
Try refreshing way of thinking and ideas because you know how this will be more visible in the results compare with that which is too impose a thought and idea that is always the same. For tip very simple planning your refreshing:

Try to ask yourself whether it can make you more relaxed and peaceful.

If you want to relax with your family or friends, Try to plan well as your goals and needs.

Wear clothing that is relaxed and comfortable for your body.

Avoid discussions that lead to employment or other work.

Avoid to eat food that is too heavy. because if you are too full can you reduce the feeling of Relaxation.

Moment with a camera Images. Because the image is to speak more in a moment if you want to again.

If you want to go home at that time, try ask friends or your family with a little joke. Due to the way this course will give the impression itself.

Finally, I congratulate and relax after this I hope you have thoughts and ideas for new activities.