5 Tricks joke to User Facebook.

Before I describe this paper, I first ask permission for the senior, or the Web Master who is expert in his field. And this paper is not intended to Compete with the tricks ever written. However, just simply sharing, and knowledge for all. And if the trick that I write here have in common words, tricks, or the like, maybe this writing is a form of copy and paste from your writings. I once asked permission to post back here.
Friends, Actually there is a very simple way to know the user password FB. But too many tips and tricks in writing by the senior or our Web master. And at this writing I will try to give a simple trick that is easy and light to the understanding.

As a suggestion, I am not fully responsible in case tips and tricks that I write here is used for purposes that could harm or cause any damage in terms of you and others.

You've prepared and read the rules already? Now let us follow the following simple steps.

1. Try to make adequate approach to the user who to target. If possible, ask your Phone Number, and house address.

2. If we've got no; Tel, try to ask as well - good on the Email, and Password are in use that user.

3. If still not successful, cooed him. If the user should a girl, could be a poem or a sprig of flowers. If the user should Male, came to him and bring a few packets of cigarettes plus a smoothed shoulder.

4. Three of the above have not succeeded, it seems you have to use this trick. When the target user you are logged in, try the occasional peek from behind. But do not get hit fart.

5. Still fail? Hihihihiihi .... Looks like you have to wear this last Kick. Ask the Admin FB on the user password that you mean. Who Knew you could succeed.